Our Fund Management Services

Our overarching investment philosophy taps into our management expertise to build client portfolios that aim to optimize market dynamics and help attain the most for our clients.

Gratuity Fund Management

Our Gratuity Fund allows an employer to contribute the regular payroll gratuity costs of an individual employee to the Fund. By contributing these provisions to the Gratuity Fund an employer insulates the employee against the real loss of his terminal benefits. This provides further incentives for an employer to be an employer of choice.

Equity Funds

By tapping into an investment manager’s expertise, businesses seeking to invest in Equities are able to comfortably do so via our ABC Equity Fund. Our Equity Fund provides a stable basket of stocks picked with a perceived high intrinsic value. This will allow the businesses to continue to grow their investments with a reasonable balance of risk & returns.

Discretionary Funds

With our full range of investment management services, businesses seeking to outlay dedicated funds for cash flow management or projects are able to utilize our services. As a business we manage discretionary funds tailored to individual investment philosophy with specific targets that are agreed at onboarding.

Balanced Funds

Our balanced Fund is a steady growth portfolio that aims at balancing liquidity and returns. It positions itself as an ideal fund for cash flow management for institutional houses that have excess cash to manage for growth whilst at the same time providing adequate and easy liquidity.

Our Purpose

To continually invest responsibly for all our stakeholders and deliver on a sustainable business model that allows us positively meet all our investors’ aspirations. As part of our investment approach, we seek to always nurture the values that are at the center of who we are as a business which includes Partnership, Respect, Integrity, Courage and Commitment.