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Equity Fund

About the Equity Fund: This Fund offers investors with competitive and sustainable risk adjusted returns over the medium to long term by investing in Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) listed equities. By investing in this fund an investor spreads his investment across the different counters that the Fund Manager has picked in the portfolio. Thus investing in our Equity Fund provides cost efficiencies and allows you to balance the risks of your investment. The ABC Equity fund is medium to long term, which allows investors to benefit from both share price gains and regular dividend payouts.

Investment philosophy: This Fund is actively managed and invests only in LuSE-listed equities. Our investment team applies a bottom up stock picking approach. This is usually driven by strong conviction ideas and attractive relative valuations done on an going basis.  Further, we give consideration to such factors as market capitalization and liquidity when constructing the portfolio.

In line with regulation our stock concentration relative to total Equity Fund will not exceed 75%, while we invest 25% of the portfolio in money markets for liquidity management. This gives our investors a competitive advantage when in need of liquidity.

At the moment the fund has no offshore equity exposure.

What can you use this Fund for?

  • Appropriate for investors seeking long term capital growth by investing in a portfolio of actively managed listed equities.
  • The fund is actively managed using proven investment procedures crafted and perfected over time by our investment proffesionals.
  • Cost effective stock market investment options for beginners
  • Risk-adjusted returns for those seeking to invest on the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE)

Fund Benchmark: Lusaka Securities All Share Index (LASI)

Fund Performance:

Current Cumulative 12 month return | ABC Equity Fund = -12% vs LASI = -19%|

Current Cumulative 24 months return | ABC Equity Fund = 8% vs LASI = -17% |

Number of positive months since 2003 140/195 representing 72%.

Year Fund Launched: 2003   | Switching Option: Yes   | Distribution of Income: No. The Fund does not have any periodic redistribution of income   |Holding Period: 3 Months

Download: (i) Key Fact Sheets (ii) Account Opening Form

Risk Category

The fund is rated high risk because funds of this type have experienced high rises and falls in value in the past.


The Fund has delivered returns to investors over the medium to long term and consistently ahead of its benchmark.

Investor Profiles

This fund targets both Retail and Institutional clients.

Investment Philosophy

Bottom up stock picking based approach, combined with attractive relative valuations. .
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