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Gratuity Fund

About the Gratuity Fund: This fund aims to manage gratuity schemes or group savings. Corporate organizations as well as Non-governmental organizations that have employees on contract will do well to utilize this fund. The Fund aims to secure the employees against real loss of their gratuities over their contractual period of work. As Fund Managers we appreciate that money today is more than that paid in a years time if not properly managed. Therefore, our Gratuity Fund aims to insulate these obligations against inflationary risks but instead create real growth over the period.

This also applies to institutions that have group savings for their employees this fund comes in handy to allow you to manage the real growth of your money over the period.

Investment philosophy: The fund invests in regulated money market as well as fixed income instrument but drawing a unique balance bewteen returns and liquidity management.

What can you use this Fund for?

This fund is ideal for Corporate, Non-governmental organisations as well as group savings schemes.

Fund Performance: Current cumulative 12 month return is 17% Number of positive months have been 70/70 representing 100%.

Year Fund Launched: 2016  | Switching Option: No   | Distribution of Income: No   | Holding Period: N/A

Download: (i) Account Opening Form (ii) Terms and Conditions

Risk Category

The fund is rated low risk and stable.


The Fund has delivered positive returns from the time it was launched.

Investor Profiles

This Fund is ideal for Corporate, NGOs and Group Savings Schemes.

Investment Philosophy

Invests in regulated money market and fixed income securities.
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