Unit Trusts

Lets answer some of the key questions you may have.

Do I have to commit to a fixed monthly premium for a set term, and what happens if I stop investing?

When you invest in our unit trusts, there are no “premiums”, and there is no commitment to a set investment period. It’s your investment –you decide how much, when and how you want to invest. You can add lump sums to   your investment at any time. You can set up a debit order (minimum of K500) at any time, which you can change,   pause or cancel as your needs change. You can do these transactions, at no cost, conveniently online, or you can   complete and submit a form. It’s your choice when and how much to invest, and there are no consequences if you   choose not to invest more. You own the units you have bought and your investment continues to earn return until   you decide to sell your units

How do I know which unit trust is right for me?

Your decision should depend on how much return you want to earn and whether you are comfortable with ups and downs or prefer stability. Thinking about how long you have to invest for, and how quickly you might need to access your money can help you weigh the return you want against the stability you need. If you are not comfortable making your own investment decisions, you may wish to speak to a good, independent investment advisor.

Can I open a Unit Trust in favor of my Child?

Yes you can. However, the unit trust will be held in trust to the parent/guardian until the child has attained the legal age to own his/her own unit trust account. The parent/guardian will be the legal owner of all transactions on the child’s unit trust.

Can I change my mind about my unit trust choice later?

It’s best to make sure you are comfortable with your choice up front in order that you can get the most out of the unit trust you have chosen and not make changes unnecessarily. However, you can change to a different unit trust, at no cost, whenever you feel your circumstances or needs have changed. This transaction is called a “switch”.

How often should I review my investment?

It’s a good idea to review your investment once a year, but if you are comfortable that you made the right choice up front, you only really need to consider changing your unit trust when your circumstances (specifically the time period before you need to access your money) change.

How do I know how my investment is doing?

We will send you periodic statements as agreed with yourself showing how many units you have in your account, and what the kwacha value is.

Do I have voting rights at the Annual General Meetings?

Yes you have. You are required by law to attend the proceedings of all Annual General Meetings as well as Extraordinary General Meetings. If unable to attend you can appoint a proxy to represent you.