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Our role as asset managers

February 17, 2021by Nicholas Kabaso

As one of the largest asset management companies in the country we have an important role to play in supporting a broad range of investors to meet their financial goals. Whether our clients are pension funds, insurance companies, or individual investors, we are mindful of the fact that successfully fulfilling our mandate in relation to the K183 million which we have been entrusted with will have a direct impact on individuals’ lives.

We endeavor to channel capital to companies and governments to support them in investing for growth and actively engage with the companies in which we invest in relation to strategy, risks, management successions, governance and environmental impact. We meet the management of the companies that we invest in every year to assess progress in these areas.

Our business philosophy is anchored on an overarching investment strategy of wealth management through value investing and capital preservation. We believe that by delivering for our clients and offering them investment capabilities, we can successfully protect and enhance their capital. We are also fully alive to the fact that our responsibilities cater to a wide range of stakeholders including our counterparties and suppliers, society as a whole and our employees. We take this responsibility very seriously and apply the same standards to the management of our own business as we do to the companies in which we invest.

Our service culture remains one of the best and we continue to refine it with continued customer feedback. The service charter sets a high standard of customer care and service for all our customers, all the time and at all our touch points.

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Nicholas Kabaso

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