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Our Values

We take honest feedback, candor, speaking up and challenging ideas. Embrace trial and error, support bold ideas and the person(s) who run with them (disruption and innovation). Learn from mistakes and prevent the organization from repeating them
We take accountability and ownership (individually collectively), striving for the highest standards, doing good and doing well. We aim to do everything with unquestionable integrity.
We avoid surprises doing things last minute. We retain intuitive & organic discussions, dialogue as equals and assume positive intent. We do not allow a lobbying culture but rather encourage forthrightness.
Visible Commitment
We help without questioning and do it with grace. We do not let others down in commitment and performance. We aim to be hard on the issue, not the person. Don’t speak ill of another member of the team and carry the decisions through with responsibility “one voice”.
We aim to have regard for others, show courtesy, good manners & politeness. We also value others for what they bring to the table

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    ABC Unit Trust Head Office
    Pioneers of Unit Trusts in Zambia.
    Corner of Nasser/Church Roads,
    Post box 37107, Lusaka, Zambia
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    ABC Unit TrustHead Office
    Pioneers of Unit Trusts in Zambia.
    ABC Unit TrustContact Details
    Pioneers of Unit Trusts in Zambia
    GET IN TOUCHABC Unit Trust
    Pioneers of Unit Trusts in Zambia

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