Want to save for your child’s education or your own university fees? Think no further! By choosing from among the various unit trust options we have you will be able to meet your objectives easily and cost effectively.

Please review which one of these unit trusts serves your educational goals. Alternatively, book an appointment with one of our Client Portfolio Managers to get more insights. You can also down the full brochure here.

Why is it important to start saving for education now?

If you start to invest for university/college when your child is born, you’ll have at least six years for your investment to grow before you enroll your child in formal schooling. By the time your child reaches high school, and they start thinking about what they want to do after secondary school, that same investment you started when your child was born would have attained compound interest. This also allows you the space and time to see if you should and can make any adjustments to your contribution to fund your child’s chosen university/college studies.

It is always said that the best time to start saving is when a child is born, the second-best time to start is today.

The increase in Zambia’s private tertiary institutions provides you a wide option for your child’s education. However, choosing the best institution will largely dependent on your financial readiness. This heightens the importance of choosing a savings plan that will help you readily respond to the ever-changing education costs.

How can I save for my child’s education?

You have various options to choose from. And much will depend how long your child is before they start university or college, how much your ideal university will cost, the course that your child wants to pursue and where you are in your investment journey, etc. Please feel free to call in and our Client Portfolio Managers will readily advise you on the best options that you can pursue.

Some tips to help you include the following.

  • Don’t wait for the perfect moment to start saving – start saving as soon as you can!
  • Which is your desired school that your child should attend? (start thinking about this from the time they’re born)
  • Estimate how much that school will cost you i.e annual escalations in fees, uniforms, and extra curricular activities etc
  • Seek advice on which education plan would best suit your financial circumstances
  • Annually review your investment plans in case of unplanned variations to the initial plan.

Please review our Unit Trust Brochure for some of the possible options you may wish to explore. You can also use our savings calculator to ascertain how much you will need to set aside to raise your desired financial goal. Alternatively call us and speak to one of our Client Portfolio Managers.