About the US Dollar Fund: Thinking of investing your money in US Dollars? Then this fund is there to help you invest your money with competitive rates of return. This Fund offers preservation of US Dollar denominated capital and accessibility over the very short term by generating sound level of income higher than returns in a US Dollar bank account.

Investment philosophy: The fund aims to achieve its objective by investing in regulated Zambian money market US Dollar denominated securities issued by financial and other corporate institutions.

What can you use this Fund for?

  • Ideal vehicle for short-term investments and provides immediate liquidity
  • Aims to achieve a competitive interest rate
  • Attractive alternative to savings and deposit accounts
  • Suitable for investors who seek capital preservation with minimal volatility

For investors that seek to hedge themselves from the FX volatility. This fund is really ideal and will help preserve your purchasing power by affording you competitive real rates of return.

Fund Performance: April 2023 cumulative 12 month return is 3.6% while the cumulative 24 months average return is 8.0%.

Year Fund Launched: 2003     | Switching Option: Yes       | Distribution of Income: No. The Fund does not have any periodic redistribution of income   |Holding Period: 3 Months

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Risk Category

The fund is rated low risk and stable.


The Fund has delivered returns to investors year in year out beating inflation as benchmark.

Investor Profiles

This fund targets both Retail as well as Corporate and SMEs.

Investment Philosophy

Invests in short-term money market instruments. The fund invests mainly in cash, deposits and other money-market instruments.