About the ZMW High Yield Fund: This is our recently launched fund that targets high value clients chasing government bond yields. This fund is quite restrictive in redemptions with only one allowable redemption in a year. It is therefore suitable for most high value clients that want to have an actively managed portfolio that seek to mimic the performance of the bond market. It provides investors with a much more predictable returns over their investment period. It allows investors to assess annually their investment goals and reset their goals whenever appropriate.

Investment philosophy: The fund invests in money markets, treasury bills and government bonds.

What can you use this Fund for?

  • Ideal vehicle for medium to long term planning.
  • Provides a high prediction on returns as funds invested are sticky over the short to medium term.
  • Ideal for high value clients with multiples of K500,000 and above and who seek an active fund manager.

Fund Performance: April 2023 cumulative 12 month return is 20.4% and 24 months cumulative return is 55.2%.

Year Fund Launched: 2019 | Switching Option: Yes | Distribution of Income: No |Holding Period: 12 Months

Download: (i) Key Fact Sheets (ii) Account Opening Form (iii) Terms and Conditions

Risk Category

The fund is rated low risk and stable.


The Fund has delivered returns to investors year in year out beating inflation as benchmark.

Investor Profiles

This fund targets both Retail as well as Corporate and SMEs.

Investment Philosophy

Invests in short-term money market instruments. The fund invests mainly in cash, deposits and other money-market instruments.